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The story behind Rios Sangiao

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We have been working together for more than 25 years to improve people’s lives, which we have managed to reach thanks to the enormous effort and work of all our workers. And of course, thanks to you. Without you it would have been impossible for Ríos Sangiao to become a benchmark company within the sector .

How was Ríos Sangiao born?

It all started in 1994. This was the year in which Ramón Sangiao created the Sociedad Ríos Sangiao , a family business dedicated to transportation services </ strong > In tanker trucks for food liquids to any corner of Spain and Europe .

The Ríos Sangiao operations center is located in the Sigüeiro industrial estate (A Coruña). There we have a complete infrastructure and a fleet of more than 50 trucks , with a most rigorous maintenance system. In addition, we have our own workshop to offer the best services to our clients and in the best conditions.


Our activity is mainly focused on the transport of dairy products, oils, juices and wines .

Although the company was initially conceived for local transport, today we serve the most important industries in Europe . And it is because our work covers countries such as Germany , Belgium , France , Italy , Holland </ strong> or United Kingdom . And we hope to be present in many more!

Our mission, vision and values ​​

Our mission as a company is to achieve market leadership through the search for new commercial horizons. Thus, we will be able to increasingly expand our scope of action to the entire European territory and meet the logistical needs of our national and international clients.

Along these lines, the main objectives of Ríos Sangiao are:

speed : punctuality and agility when solving any unforeseen event is one of our highest priorities.
trust : we have the necessary means to offer peace of mind to the people who trust us to receive their products in perfect condition.
safety : we seek to guarantee the food safety of products with the most rigorous hygienic conditions.

Above all, at Ríos Sangiao we seek to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring the best prices and strict quality, hygiene and safety controls.

The main values ​​ that inspire us are excellence in customer service, innovation , experience , proximity , the alignment of our activity with the needs of society, the continuous training of our employees, communication and honest relationships between us .

The work team

We have more than 70 professionals who have the necessary experience to guarantee that shipments arrive on time and in the best conditions at their destination.

One of the purposes of Ríos Sangiao is to ensure the well-being of our workers , to increase their motivation and thus improve customer service, commitment and quality of work.

To this day, innovation and teamwork continue to be our main hallmarks, essential to achieve success and be leaders in the market.

Regarding quality , it is important to note that we have certifications that certify our services :

ISO 9001 certification , which is the most widely recognized quality management standard worldwide.
• The GMP certification , which establishes the necessary conditions to guarantee hygiene and food safety in the food chain.

As you can see, Ríos Sangiao is a safe bet when it comes to transporting any liquid product in the bulk food sector. A company that stands out for its rigor, its efficiency and its commitment to the highest quality and hygiene standards.

So now you know, if you are interested in knowing more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide exclusive and personalized attention 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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